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About me

This is the part where I am suppose to tell you about me, who I am. I am not ashamed to say, that is a work in progress. For too long I let my job define who I am. That was a mistake that I am attempting to correct.

In the meantime I can tell you however this: My name is Christine, I am a daughter, a wife and a doggy mom. I can also tell you what I do, what I like and what my interests are.

I am German, damn, am I German, just ask anyone that knows me. I do let that define me.

I am a Scientist. To be precise, I am a Biochemist. Somehow I managed to get a Masters and a Doctorate but I no longer let THAT define me.

I am a Communicator. I think communication is so incredibly important. It is imperative for people to connect and listen so they understand each other.

I am a hobby Silversmith. I always loved jewelry (I mean, show me a girl that doesn't). A few years ago I remembered my love for making jewelry, so I took a class with a professional silversmith (credit to Dana Ruth http://atlantaartworx.com). Ever since, I have a small space in our garage where silver magic happens.

I am an Actress. In an attempt to improve my public speaking skills, I took an acting class a few years ago. Turned out, I really loved acting, so I continued. I am taking classes, attend workshops and am active in the community. My agency is East Coast Talent in Atlanta (http://www.ectagency.com) for any inquiries.

I am fascinated by nature, human behavior and soap bubbles.

I love dogs, music, sushi,... more to come