Drift by David Card

My painting “Drift” was inspired by the idea of people literally as vessels. People floating through life. I wanted to loosely blend the look of an altar piece or religious icon with the shape of a boat. The artwork was originally to be made from wood, a material used for both altar pieces and boats. The carved texture of the wood was going to accentuate the brush work of the painting. I started having asthma attacks from being around lumber so my original plan was abandoned. I had built a bunch of smaller studies for the project in aluminum foil. I liked the way the reflectiveness of the foil energized the painted surface. “Drift” is made from aluminum foil with cardboard for support and painted with acrylics. The piece never really gelled. I want my work to have a physical presence. It has to feel like it might actually move. “Drift” doesn’t have the raw weight and physicality of the wood. It feels too slight. It feels like a sketch. “Drift” is a Rosetta stone of future paintings. It shows me untapped possibilities trapped in the work that I can now explore.