Pretty but not really useful

I set out to make a beautiful anticlastic ring that was open to adjust for size. I started from a piece of 20 ga silver and began thehammering. Somehow I just could not get an even flaring, it looked nothing like a ring. I ended up setting a small stone on the flattened end because the entire piece somehow reminded me of a shirt collar, so I put a pin on it. I learned from this piece that it requires a ton of practice and patience (my biggest enemy) to shape silver with a hammer. Much more precision and practice is needed.

About the artist: I'm scientist and a hobby silversmith, I make jewelry using silver and copper sheet and wire stock, mostly for myself and for family and friends. The hammering, sawing and filing are terrific outlets for stress except when you attempt to make anticlastic art. Then you need precision and lots of light tapping.