Diamond knuckle pendant

This is a solid, all sterling silver pendant with 2 (4) 10mm diamond cut clear CZ’s in 2-prong settings. A friend inspired this little “Gem”, three friends to be precise, artists in the electronic music scene. You might have heard of them, Smookie Illson, woot woot! We were brainstorming about swags and one idea that came up was to turn the diamond knuckle logo from their record label Ill At Will into a silver pendant. I liked the idea and made a simple, sterling silver prototype of said logo. But then I thought, how funny would it be to add some more bling to it and embed actual “diamonds” as well. Without telling the guys, I went to work. It was suppose to be a surprise (you may start to notice a trend here. I like to work in secret and surprise people. SURPRISE!)

I planned out a thicker version of the original prototype since I wanted to have prong settings on the top.  It was tedious. I mean, I am not a jeweler, so this was actually a quite difficult task I had given myself and it seemed to take forever. Trying to pre-drill and file the settings for the stones just right and get them to sit up straight in there was frustrating. Also for every stone that I managed to set, I lost at least one or two stones in the process. Those little stinkers slipped out of my hand, bounced on the bench surface and fell into the dark, scary, spider infested void underneath my workbench in the garage. Never to be seen again. Not only did I spend hours working on the actual piece, I also spent hours crawling on my knees with a flashlight in my hand, hunting for the lost orphaned rocks. Proud to have set 2 of the stones, I went on to the third and that’s when it happened. One of the prongs broke off. Sadly my current torch skills are not remotely good enough to attempt to fix this. Not to mention that heat would most likely do some damage to the two stones already set. I don’t know if there is a way to repair this. I was furious at myself, so disappointed and still am super disappointed that this idea didn’t work. But I have finally reached a point where I can give myself credit simply for trying. With that, I will lay this piece now to rest in the Failed Art gallery. Thanks for reading.

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