Launch Day


March 1st ,2017 was the official launch day for the Failed-Art website. I was incredibly nervous, mainly because I had to practice what I preached. I had to put my site with my personal story out there. Would anybody even bother to take a look? What if I’m the only one that thinks this is a good idea? Am I getting my message across? How many type-o’s did I miss. Will people judge me for that?,… Those that know me personally, know exactly what went on in my head. In the morning I messaged a friend of mine who is also a successful blogger ( and asked her if she had been nervous when she launched. Amanda replied with some great advice: “Always keep in mind that you will help somebody else who can identify with your story.”  With that, I will try to let go of the worries about how the world perceives my work and focus on providing you with some very cool Failed Art and inspirational stories.