Beautiful compilation of failures

Yesterday, I posted about the beginning of Today I will show you an example of what can happen if you embrace failure as part of the process. Let it work FOR you instead of against you. This piece is the result of a very unique idea that was sent to me by a young artist. She was super excited about the concept of Failed Art and wanted to contribute. It is a bit of a glimpse into the future, an example of what this website wants to accomplish.

The artist, Alayna, a Glass work artist living in Chattanooga TN, took one piece from all of her failed projects; from her “every measure was wrong” try,  from every “I’m not sure I know what I am doing” piece, from every “I'm keeping a log about what the kiln is doing and how the paint reacts” experiment and merged them into one new colorful compilation. Alayna described it to me like this: “This panel right there IS how failure can look like. I took failure and turned it into something anyway! NEVER GIVE UP”