"Failed Art is simply Art with an unexpected outcome"

I know for a fact, that every artist or performer has a few pieces of work or tapes of performances that they are very proud of and a lot more of them that they are really not happy with. I have them too.  I call them Failed Art or Art with an unexpected outcome.

In the Failed Art Gallery that work receives a new purpose. There, we will show the work of artists that have invested time and passion into a project and it just did not turn out the way they had envisioned it. We will hear about the stories and motivation behind the work, discuss them and learn from each other. Sometimes a different perspective is all we need.


Share your own Art & Story

Maybe you just started a new technique, maybe you had a bad day, maybe the cat or dog knocked over the paint and now you think it's ruined. Maybe you are simply a newbie at whatever art form you chose. Here that's not the important part.

What is however important is, that you had a vision that you worked on and that it just didn’t come to life the way you had hoped. That's the kind of work we want to see. We want to hear what motivated you to start your project, what you feel went wrong and what you have learned in the process.

- 1 -

Take picture/ share a video

Take a good quality, well lit picture of your imperfect work or dig up that video

- 2 -

Tell us

Tell us a bit about you and your work. Give some context to the work you submit.

- 3 -


Submit the picture or video together with your story to encourage other artists. Sharing is caring

- Nothing in Life is Perfect -

This site will be a safe and supportive place for visual and perfomance artists of any level.

It aims to...

  • Inspire a whole community

  • Motivate and support YOU to continue

  • Encourage YOU to accept failures as part of the learning process

  • Push YOU to embrace imperfection

  • Be a place where you learn from mistakes