- At this time submissions by email only -

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Here you can submit your Failed Art to be shown in our gallery show. To get an idea of how your Art and story will be displayed, take a look at the Failed Art Gallery.

Guidelines for submissions:

TOP PRIORITY You are very passionate about your Art.

  • Write a little bit about your Failed Art that you are submitting: what was your vision? what was your motivation, your inspiration for this? What went wrong? What have you learned from it?
  • Write a few sentences about yourself: who are you, what are your interests, what are you passionate about, etc
  • Take a good clear picture of your creation. If you are a performance artist your video already exists. Rework or work progressions are ok too (up to 3 images, .jpg, .jpeg, .mp3 formats preferred).
  • For art pieces, indicate the dimensions of your work.

Now send all that to